It seems that everyone that has a bike is gearing up for the rally in Sturgis. This is the Holy Grail of bike gatherings in the U.S. It seems that most of the bikers that make it are lawful and are very cautious about the rules of the road. I mean think about it there is no room for a mistake on a large bike.

Getty Images/David McNew
Getty Images/David McNew

That's why I can't figure out the rule that lets motorcycles drive between cars at stoplights in Billings. To me, that's asking for trouble. The bigger bikes like Harley's and others won't fit between the cars anyway but the pocket rockets will.

It's also a question of driver etiquette; why should someone in traffic be automatically able to move up to the front of the line? That will have no bearing whatsoever on the traffic. If there are two it won't make commute time better for the other thousand behind them. It just gives a free right-of-way not to be inconvenienced by the long traffic lines.

Keep in mind that they aren't required to carry insurance either according to Motorcycle Legal Foundation, so what happens if they get too close and scratch your car? A changing lane accident is coming and the outcome is not going to be good. Who gets the ticket if they are driving between lanes? We could have gone without passing that law and it wouldn't have made any difference in traffic.

I don't think I would have the guts to try it anyway if I was on a bike because people aren't watching for that.

See ya tomorrow at 5 a.m.

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