If you've been reading this blog then you know I work out regularly at a local club. I usually go in the morning so I have a bunch of energy throughout the day. Seems like the older crowd also shows up mostly in the morning. I've worked out at various gyms around the country over the decades and I've never seen so many elderly men who are literally as comfortable in their own skin as these gentlemen are.

Every day I either see a naked man shaving his face, 2 naked men hanging out and talking about current events or what happened to me today... I was weighing myself on the scale and this gentleman waited about a foot behind me until I was done.

I get that men are going to shower at the gym but A) can't they grab a towel and wrap it around their waist as they leave the shower area B) keep the towel around their waist when they shave and C) not invade someone's personal space when they're wearing their birthday suit? It's not as if they're at home. Yes, men will shower at the gym and change clothes at their locker and will sometimes be naked but holy crap it isn't Hedonism 2 in the Caribbean. How about a little modesty?

Hopefully they don't add a ping pong table anytime soon.

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