We just made a huge advancement in sound, quality health care by using 50-dollar bills to get people to take care of themselves. Yesterday, they were offering $50 to people to get their COVID shot. They had a line around the building before the shots even started. It's great to know that this important medical decision was made based on the $50. Would they have received the shot if it was only $25?

Just think we could have doubled the number of people making a sound medical decision. This can be a whole new approach to health care. Pay people to fix the medical issue they have. Heck, we could pay $50 for everyone that will lose 20lbs in three months. What if you quit smoking? We'll pay you $50 a month for every month you're off cigarettes. What about the flu shot? We lose 30,000 Americans on average a year from flu, except for last year. Pay people $50 bucks to get a flu shot. Man, if you have a family of four, that's 200 large. All great reasons to make an important medical decision for you and your family. HOW MUCH?

It's reassuring to know that people didn't care enough about their health to make a change until we offered $50. It must be satisfying as a health care professional knowing that you could not convince your patient to take care of themselves by doing the right thing for their health, but "President Grant" can. I guess I'm off my rocker, but my medical choices will not be made based on a $50. Have yourself a great weekend and we'll see ya Monday at 5.

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