This so-called bi-partisan committee is working on redistricting Montana now that we get two congressional seats. The fix is already going on to make sure the democrats can always have a seat. They want to make sure that Missoula and Bozeman are always in the same district.

Well I guess so, Bozeman is going to be the largest city in Montana in ten years and we already know about Missoula's voting history. This is stupid for it will forever make Montana insignificant in Washington.

Our votes will always cancel each other out and therefore have no impact on a National issue. The legislature should have stepped in and made it by popular vote. The top two vote-getters should get the job for two years. We have two Senators and we don't have separate districts. In fact, it's the only major seat in Montana where we have 1 Democrat and 1 Republican.

Pat Williams came up with this Idea to split it east and west anyway. He was taking money from us during the House bank scandal, so why should we listen to him. Why did they not want to run the line from east to west instead of north to south?. Again, we know why. Until they take the power of redistricting out of the hands of these politicians this battle will go on for some time.

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At least when we had just one representative we knew that our vote in congress would carry weight one way or another. See you tomorrow at 5.

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