We all know someone who can never get anywhere on time. It seems like it's just accepted now as par for the course. There was a traffic study done in Billings a few years ago that said the average commute time to get to work was about 17 minutes.

Now, I realize there are all types of variables that can delay you. For instance, the big wreck on Zimmerman yesterday caused huge delays for people on the way home. Not arriving home after work on time infuriates people to no end, but arriving late to start? No problem.

It's not just arriving at work either. If you're going out somewhere--have a reservation to eat, a concert, whatever--people are always late. I learned a trick many years ago that if you have to be somewhere at a certain time you always tell the person who is late the wrong time. That assures you an almost on-time arrival. The work thing though is a different animal. When jobs were far and few between, being late was a cause for termination. Employers now are just happy when their workers just decide to show up.

Funny how people can always get to the airport on time before vacation. Imagine the grief you would receive if their paycheck was late. Hell, people are even late showing up for interviews. Being prompt is a great quality, and it also shows respect for others who are counting on you to be there. Even if it's just for dinner, you should at least have the decency to tell them that I'm going to be a few minutes late. See ya tomorrow at 5 and don't be late.

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