It's here, the first big weekend of the year for people to get out and enjoy themselves. Well, after years of research, I've found that these are the best weekends to actually stay home and do things in Billings. The town is less crowded during these long weekends.

It's great--you can go to Costco and the crowds are half of what they usually are. The Beartooth Pass is going to open on Friday so lots of people will be heading there. Great. That means the Billings restaurants that you usually have to wait 45 minutes to get in will be immediate seating. Grocery shopping will be better on Saturday or Sunday because so many people will be gone. You'll have a better chance of getting a fly ball souvenir at the Mustang games this weekend.

What kills me is that this is one of the holidays that they always move to a Monday. Why? Well, the three-day weekend, of course. But we never move some of the other big holidays. We never move Christmas to a Monday. That's the birthday of Jesus, but yet we move all the Presidents' birthdays to a Monday. We don't move the 4th of July either, That's the birth of our Independence. It can fall on any day of the week, and so we get screwed on a three-day weekend there too. The point is, I'm glad that a lot of people take off and leave town for the long weekend because it opens up opportunities here in town for the rest of us. No matter what you do, have fun, stay safe, and think just for a moment about WHY you have Memorial day off. Later.

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