Summer is in the air and Softie's Ice Cream Shop is open. As I was cruising around the other night (well driving like the middle-aged woman I am), I noticed that Softie's on the corner of Broadwater and 24th Street West is open. I almost thought about stopping and grabbing a cone, but since I'm trying to stay very dedicated to my Ideal Protein diet I'm on, I stayed strong and drove on by.

I was a little surprised at the number of people that were there, and oh dear not wearing masks, and in all fairness, it's pretty hard to slam ice cream in your pie hole with a mask on. No social distancing, oops, I mean physical distancing, at some point we were instructed to stop saying social distancing and instead refer to it as physical distancing. People just hanging out waiting for ice cream and enjoying what they had ordered. Softie's has several different flavors of ice cream like Birthday Cake, S'mores, Banana Split, Twix, Rolo, Snicker, Grasshopper, Rocky Road, Skittles and all of your standard favorites.

I've always liked stopping at Softie's. We use to make it a weekly thing when my kids were little. We lived in the Heights, so it was a planned trip to the West End to make a stop at Softie's, but now that we live only a few blocks away we can walk over and make it an ice cream date. To be honest, I don't know their exact operating hours or days, as their Facebook page hasn't been updated for a very long time (maybe I'll drop by and mention that to them).

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