Fewer and fewer people are carrying cash these days. And I guess I understand. Some of you use your card to pay for everything with a card so you can track every single cent that you spend. And some of you are going farther in the hole with every card purchase.

Hispanic man choosing credit cards

Back in the day, I dug a hole, too.

I got into some pretty bad credit card trouble when I was in my early twenties. But looking back it sure was fun to just buy whatever I wanted whenever I wanted. That was a new feeling for me. Then when I got the bill, I got charged a little bit of interest. It seemed completely worth it until one day I had reached the limit of the money that they would loan me. And nobody would give me another credit card until I paid this one off.

The first thing I charged was a box of golf balls at JC Pennys. (Told you I was old) Those costed $4.99 at the time. But by not paying off the credit card bill every month, I figure that they cost me several thousands of dollars by the time I paid the card off years later.

So, then I was broke again PLUS I had a big credit card payment.

Since then I use cash for all my small purchases. Paying for my cheeseburger at Wendy's with a card just doesn't seem right. And if you've ever been in front of me at a drive-through window and paid with a card, I have judged you. Especially if you only bought a drink. And then paid with a card.

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