What have we learned about driving in Montana in the winter?  First and foremost, snow tires?  One of my coworkers, Jess drives a Mustang and each winter she says she's going to get snow tires, and each winter she doesn't.

Now in her defense and to be honest, last year was nothing like this year.

This is what I call true friendship and team work.  Especially when you can get your boss to help push you out of the snow.

The fact that she was stuck in the parking lot really is neither here nor there.

Here is what I recommend for Montana winters; 4-wheel drive, snow tires, weight in the back end of your vehicle, a shovel, a bag of cat litter (helps get traction) and a tow rope.

The upside to Jess getting stuck is that Mike and I got a little exercise today that we may not have gotten other wise.


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