This morning the Farmer peeled back the curtain and shared some real inside Farmer information.

My hope is that he has not started another fad. If the use of Facebook and Twitter starts to go down, I bet you can point directly at Paul as the cause...that and the Farmer Network.

What, never heard of the Farmer Network? It’s the most believable information around for Farmers all over the state.  Information spreads faster on the Farmer network than on twitter or Facebook. And it does not matter if it’s true or not at the moment it hits. Chances are that eventually some farmer, somewhere will do what has been posted on the network.

Like the snow yesterday. According to the Farmer Network, some guys got 3 inches, some guys got a quarter inch, and some farmer reported on the Farmer network that he got 16 inches in Luther…these guys know things and share things.

Now there are a few key phrases you need to know if you join the Farmer network. You need to respond to everything posted with the phrase, “Oh I don’t doubt that”. And instead of hashtags like the use on twitter, the farmer network ends everything with the phrase “Oh Yeah”.

I am telling you, the Farmer says the IPO on this could be twice that of what twitter is putting out there. Except that the Farmers want to keep it all for themselves and don’t want to share.