Every state and every city in the nation has them. Dumb laws that were formed a long time ago and no one has thought to change them since the pen hit the paper.

The good news is we never hear of anyone being cited for breaking these so called laws these days but it would sure be funny to see if someone actually did get busted for some of these very strange things.

There is way more than enough of these laws in the city of Billings but here I will give you my top 5.

  • Persons in possession of a “pea shooter” risk it being confiscated.
  • It is illegal to bring a bomb or rocket at city council proceedings.
  • Bands who play in clubs where alcohol is served may not leave the stage while performing.
  • No person shall raise pet rats.
  • It is illegal to use speed-dial in the city phone system.

I don't know about you but there are a few of these I had better stop doing or I will risk going to prison for the rest of my life. Pretty scary, huh?

All I can say is you better take my word of advice and keep these in mind the next time a police officer is near by.

Are you guilty?

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