If you know anything about me and my sense of humor, then you know that I appreciate a little thought when naming your business. It seems to me hair salons tend to have well-thought-out names with a twist on the hairstyling business.

Nothing against you business owners who have opted to name your business by including "Beartooth", "Yellowstone", or some combination of the letter "A" so that your place comes up first in Google searches. And sometimes you will see these salons use the name of the street they are on in their business name.

But I'm looking for a good time so, these are some of my favorites here locally.

  • Point of Hue Salon on North 24th. Nice twist.
  • How about A Wild Hair? I like that one too. They appear to be "temporarily closed".
  • Sophisticut. But they've closed due to the owner retiring after 40 years. Sounds like they knew what they were doing.
  • Sugar_This By Susan. No idea what she means, but it sounds like she is somebody I would like. I want my hair cut, but I want some sass with it.
  • He And She Hair Hut. Sounds like the whole family is welcome.
  • Sports Clips adds a hot towel option. I've gone there a couple of time and enjoyed the extra pampering.
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But I'm looking for the "Week In Mexico" experience when I get a haircut. Let's get me an ice cold beer while you're listening to how I want my haircut and all my vital statistics. I'd also like to see options like a foot rub and or pedicure. Call the place "Head To Toe." Since I'm designing the place, I think that we will also add a couple of classic video games and the latest edition of Golden Tee Golf. I like a nice place to get my hair cut but I might be watching too much "Bar Rescue." What do you think?

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