Believe it or not, it's pretty easy to get your hands on $1000.  All you have to do is like the Billings Seize the Deal on Facebook, and you could win that cool $1000 in the blink of an eye.  But what would you do with all of that cash?  We've got a few ideas that are exclusive to the Billings area.  Here are five different ways that we'd blow $1000 in Billings, Montana.

  • Tim Mazzaferro Photography
    Tim Mazzaferro Photography

    Billings Roller Derby Dames Tickets

    Quantity: 125

    The Dames are ready to bring the pain for another season!  What could be better than watching some good 'ol fashioned roller derby action with an entire bleacher section filled with your best friends!  You won't miss a single bout when you stash that cash away for your personal roller derby ticket fund.  If you're feeling generous, maybe you can contribute towards the other team's hospital bills.

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    Clubfoot Sandwiches

    Quantity: 165

    Have you decided what your favorite Clubfoot is?  You know what, it doesn't really matter, because you could try every single one with $1000.  These delicious pseudo-sandwiches from The Staggering Ox are certainly unique to Montana, and make for a great lunch or dinner.  Who knows, maybe you can pay them off to make one REALLY big Clubfoot.  You never know, people will do crazy things for $1000!


    Yogo Sapphire Earrings

    Quantity: 2 Pairs

    How would you like to own some of the rarest sapphires in the world?  Win that $1000, make the quick drive over to Columbus and drop by Montana Gem.  Yogo sapphires were discovered in 1895 when Jake Hoover came to Yogo city in search for gold.  Now the area is known for its beautiful blue sapphires, which you could own if you win that cash.


    Stroopwafels from Carmel Cookie Waffle

    Quantity: 1200

    Mmmmm, stroopwafels, and a whole lot of them! These tasty treats from Carmel Cookie Waffle originated in Holland have been produced in Billings since 1981. A vanilla and cinnamon cookie dough is pressed between flame heated waffle irons, split, and filled with fresh homemade caramel. Talk about a delicious breakfast!

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    An 1874 Sharps Rifle

    Quantity: 1/3

    Okay, maybe $1000 isn't quite enough to buy the actual rifle, but you could sure start saving for one!  Made in Big Timber, these rifles became legendary after appearing in the 1990 film Quigley Down Under.  If you didn't want one before, you're going to want one in about four minutes:

    We all know that Montanans love their guns.  Maybe you can invest in this classic one if you win the $1000.