With the first snow and freeze coming any day, here are 5 tips to prepare your property for the Montana winter.

-Comfort Heating & Air Conditioning recommends replacing the battery in the thermostat and changing the filter in your HVAC unit.  Let the furnace run through a few cycles to make sure it's heating properly.

-Seal up all vent penetrations on the roof or side of the home.

-For older homes, Billings Insulation suggests a re-insulation of the crawl space to avoid frozen pipes and higher gas & electric bills.

-Prepare your lawn with a fall fertilization and aeration.  Just like in the spring, Green Magic Lawn & Landscape recommends treatment to provide specific nutrients that will strengthen the root system to survive the winter and increase growth in the spring.

-Start dropping the deck on your mower to cut no more than 1/3 of the grass length each time until it is low enough that light reaches the crown of the grass. If you have trees, start raking the leaves as they come off. If you let them sit, moisture and dew will cause leaves to stick together and create and impenetrable mat that suffocates the grass causing large dead spots.

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