There are some jobs out there I just couldn't do.

At the ranch, you are constantly challenged by different jobs each day. Nothing seems to come as a surprise. But there are just some things that people do every day that I just couldn't get excited about doing each day.

How about a funeral director? No way. Imagine what they have to do and what they see. Embalming people and putting makeup on them to make them look pretty, dressing them, etc. It must pay well, there's no way.

I couldn't do colonoscopies on people either. I know it's medicine and doctors don't look at it the way we do, literally. And they are so important but that's another that is not for me.

I couldn't work at the welfare office either, for every one that comes in that was legitimate, you know there are five that aren't.

A ticket agent for major airlines would be a tough one to tackle as well when you have to deal with the most important person in the world. Don't have the temperament for that one.

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Oh one more, I couldn't clean hotel rooms either. I can't imagine the most awful disgusting things that those people see on a regular basis. That's why when we go on the Flakes trip I tip the maids really well. they do a great job, work hard long hours and deserve every penny.

I've always told people the best jobs are the ones you can do yourself, with no one breathing down your neck just you, and endless monetary benefits the more you do.

I couldn't blog my whole life either.

See ya tomorrow at 5 a.m.

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