Gas prices seem to be going down a bit every week.  Now is a great time to get in the car for a Montana Stay-cation!

When I was young, my parents used to take us on Montana History drives.  It sounds kind of boring, however, it was a lot of fun.  They would pick a place, like Virginia City, then we'd go learn and do everything there was to learn and do at that place.  Sometimes is was just for a weekend.  It was a lot of fun, and pretty cheap.  Montana has a lot to offer in the way of history.

gas sign

To get the most bang out of your gas buck, fill up in the morning, or when it's coolest.  Gas is more dense when it's cool.  Gas prices also tend to be lower Sunday through Tuesday.  Weird but true.

My next stop is the dinosaur museum in Bozeman.  Can you believe I've never been there?

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