It's been a big week for us as we celebrate being on the Billings airwaves for 35 years. Not many radio stations last that long. Let alone a team morning show.

Thanks for the requests for my dad's songs. He's been gone 8 years and it sure is a blessing to be able to hear his voice. And it often takes me back to the days of Dad's band rehearsing in our tiny little kitchen. I miss my dad, but I don't miss hauling heavy band gear in and out of bars and dance halls all around Cascade County.

One of our most dedicated Flakesgiving helpers called in and said that to help us celebrate 35 years, she was writing us a check for 35 bucks to go towards our Flakesgiving Fund. Thank you.

It was fun to look back at the pictures of the first few years that we were on the air. I didn't stay in touch with most of the people in the photos, but it was great to think back on some of the adventures that we shared when we were all so young and enthusiastic about this business.

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It was also surprising how many former coworkers who are in our pictures that I couldn't remember the name of. But in my defense, we have worked with an awful lot of people in our time at the Cat.

But I will tell you that I've made many lifelong friendships with some of those coworkers who came along during our run here.

And I and the Farmer have a little left in the tank. So stick around.

THROWBACK: 35 Years of KCTR Cat Country in Billings, Montana

Thank you Montana for tuning into KCTR Cat Country all these years. Enjoy these retro photos of our fans, staff, and of course The Breakfast Flakes, Mark and Paul.

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