When I was growing up and reached driving age it was up to me to provide my own wheels. My parents wanted to teach me the responsibility of earning and respecting what I had to drive which I did. The only thing my dad did was co-sign so I could get approved to purchase my little truck.

I worked the farm nearby to make the payments and take care of the insurance. It was hard but I respected that truck and took very good care of it knowing that if it broke down it would be hard for me to afford the repair on it.

I had friends in school that their parents bought them their first vehicle. One in particular got a brand new Eddie Bower edition Ford short box, single cab truck. It was a really nice truck and I won't lie, I envied him for that truck. By the end of the school year it was totaled.

I believe that if a kid wants something like that they should have to earn it and pay for it.

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