At 3 feet, 6 inches tall, the blue-eyed, blonde-haired beauty is a Miranda Lambert wannabe. She has memorized all the words to Lambert's song and takes a shine to performing them on her makeshift stage, an overturned water trough. In typical Lambert style, the youngster kicks up her cowboy-clad heels and stomps around the stage, strutting her stuff.

Her favorite is Miranda Lambert's hit song, "Little Red Wagon."  The youngster, Blair Keller, was reared on Miranda Lambert songs. Her parents, Wade and Tasha Keller, would often sing them to her to lull her to sleep -- and entertain her. They, too, are fans.

In an effort to possibly help a little girl achieve her dream, we posted her video on Facebook asking people if they would help Blair's dream come true, to please share it. We didn't demand it; we were naively hopeful that others might want to help.

Within minutes of the video being posted to Facebook, one woman, presumably an adult, wrote, "don't want to be a downer but i don't think so. lol"

She has a right not to share the video; she even has a right to express her opinion. We didn't beg her to even like it. But to laugh out loud at a little girl is nothing short of being a bully.

Definition of bullying

Another woman weighed saying if Blair could practice on the words a little more, perhaps her dream of meeting Miranda Lambert would come true. The critic said that perhaps Blair stomped a little too hard and to tape it, again, in a week so the Facebook audience could hear it again.


Bully comments
Cindy Uken,Townsquare Media

Isn't childhood all about living carefree? Isn't being a child all about playing make believe, pretending you can be anyone or do anything? Isn't the beauty of being a child living without fear of having to be perfect?

No one portrayed the little girl as being a child prodigy. The beauty of the video is her innocence.

Blair's mother, Tasha Keller, was aghast at the comments and initially contemplated pulling the video and giving up on her daughter's dream. She reconsidered and unconditionally supports her daughter.

"She's a 3-year-old who loves singing to Miranda Lambert," Tasha said. "She's just having fun."

Blair Keller was first introduced to Cat County listeners and readers in May when she expressed a desire to meet the country superstar when she performs on Sept. 25.

"I love singing her songs," the blue-eyed, blonde-hair youngster said. "I like dancing to them."

She will not be deterred.

The late John Lennon once said that, “A dream you dream alone is only a dream. A dream you dream together is reality.”

It is with Lennon's quote in mind that we support Blair Keller's dream.







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