I'm a hotel snob now at my age. My days of booking a Motel 6 are behind me. I always look for a decent room. And then I check the internet for reviews pertaining to the cleanliness of where we're going to stay.

But I do have a limit on what I'm willing to spend on a room.

Not counting what I've paid for my rooms on the Flakes trips, I've never spent more than $300 per night for any motel room, anywhere.

I have had rooms where I paid in the $250 range when I had to get a room somewhere for things like weddings and funerals. Having a room farther away just isn't feasible for those events.

And even in Mexico, when you get unlimited food, alcohol, beach time, and free water sports, I would never pay $1,000.00 a night.

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This is why I checked the motel room availability in Bozeman for Saturday, July 9th, the night of the Kenny Chesney concert up there.

There were rooms listed in town STARTING at (drum roll please...) $559.00 for one! Up to $1,045.00 to rent a room. For one night. And you have to be moved out the next morning by 11 a.m. That's check-out time at most hotels.

Keep in mind the prices listed don't include the 4% lodging sales tax or the 4% lodging facility use tax.

I do what most of you do. I'll stay farther away and make the drive. This same website had rooms available at Big Sky for $299.00. I'll drive 45 minutes to save $250 - $700 per night.

So what's your limit on room price? And what's the most you ever have paid for a night?

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