There are so many mixed emotions about food anymore. So many are jumping on the path to become more healthy and others don't seem to care what they put in their mouth.

I am smack dab in the middle. I want to be a healthy person and feel good about myself but on the other hand, I really like what I eat. The tastier the better.

It's difficult for a guy like me. When I am at home watching TV, it seems all I see are commercials on Billings' TV for fast food. Those savory looking burgers and burritos that I see in those spots get my mouth watering every time. Their purpose is to get you thinking like that. They want to brand it in your mind so that you are thinking and ultimately buying.

It works really well because I find myself making more and more stops at various fast food joints around the Magic City. My belly feels it too as it gets larger and larger.

The fact it if I wasn't seeing these commercials so much then I wouldn't be so inclined to visit these places.

I know I should have more self discipline but if you know anything about me, that is not one of my strong suits.

After all, they banned tobacco commercials and people still buy that. It's not like these businesses would fail if TV pulled back a little on them.

What do you think? Are there too many of these commercials?

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