Secure your load, and it wouldn't hurt to clean out the back of your pickup once in a while, either.

Some loser a-hole decided that he wanted to abandon his old, broken-down, destroyed motorhome on Friday off Mailbox Road. It was full of crap, with windows broken out and no doors. Just leave it where you can find a spot. I talked to one of Montana's finest from the MHP, and he said he would take care of it. They did, but that costs you and me every time something like that happens.

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We started to talk about all the garbage on the roadways, and this was out of control. I'm not talking all small litter either—big stuff: tires, huge refrigerator boxes, torn-to-shred tarps, you name it, it's all out there. Plus, Montana's state bird: the Walmart or Albertson's bags, everywhere.

This week there are a couple of different groups that will be out trying to make a difference. Neighborhood clean-ups are taking place in some smaller communities around Yellowstone County, but these highways really need some work.

It really takes a set to stop and unload on the side of the road. Tons and tons of trash over the last year. It just keeps piling up. I wonder how people would react if their neighborhood was the county garbage dump. No pride and lazy slugs.

Keep tossing it; there are good people out there who do care and will try to save our beautiful state. Thanks for your efforts...

See you tomorrow at 5.

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