There are plenty of things out there that are older but better. I just saw a picture of a comparison of two Case combines that are 40 years apart. The moral of the story was basically they both do the same thing and one was 40 years old, just not as fast.

Look at how many of the older things were better. I still have some original light bulbs under my porch that have been there for 60 years.

The toasters you buy now don't last nearly as long. How many of you out there still have one of those old freezers that have been keeping things frozen for 50 years? I've seen some old window air-conditioners that probably still have the old Freon in them that work great.

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I just bought a used sprayer and it's a 2006 model. I don't know if I will ever figure out how to run all the stuff on that thing. There are so many things from knives to appliances where the older ones were so much better.

How many times have you been disappointed and said, "Look at this cheap crap, it doesn't last"? Of course, now they do it on purpose so you have to replace it. I can't tell you how many coffee makers I've had over the years. I think my folks had two or three their whole lives.

Quality has now been replaced with quantity, that's what drives profit rather than reliability, which we once all looked for. Maybe that's why the flakes have lasted, reliability...

See ya tomorrow at 5.

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