One of my favorite TV shows is MASH (yes I'm showing my age).  TV Land is one of my favorite channels on cable.

I was recently very sad to hear that David Ogden Stiers who play Winchester passed away.

Though I liked all the characters from Hawkeye Pierce and Trapper John McIntyre to Colonel Blake and Radar.

One of my favorites was David Ogden Stiers as Charles Emerson Winchester III.

I like the character so much so that I named my plant after him when I headed off to Broadcasting school in 1983.

Charles (the plant) has been with me for 35 years, he's been to college and back, lived in Havre, Glasgow, Billings and even ventured to Owatanna, Minnesota.

I love this plant, I talk to him everyday.  It's much cheaper than paying a therapist.

He has been transplanted three times and been clipped back several times, he even has some off spring in other towns (he's kind of a tramp that way)

As we watch MASH, it's so sad to see how many of the actors have passed away since the series.

Who was your favorite character on MASH and what is your favorite old time TV Show?



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