I'm not a gambling man although many say you do if you are in any form of agriculture. This year people will be able to bet on the Cat vs Grizz game. According to Sports bet Montana so far this year $20,000 has been placed on the game this weekend. That surprises me as big as a game it is this weekend and how loyal people are to their favorite team.

I'm sure many think that if more people bet on the Grizz than the Cats, it proves their team has the edge. Some of these people that bet though do it for a living rather than for fun. They take all things into consideration. What is the weather going to be like and will it favor a ground game or an air attack. They look at all of the injury reports to see who is at full strength. They look at the home-field advantage. They check the point differentials to see if they should take the points or not.

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None of that has ever come into play for me. If I gamble on anything like the lottery or at a blackjack table I just do it for the fun or the dream of winning it big. I don't do it to fund my life and pad my retirement account. If that's the reason why you are Gambling then you are missing all of the fun that comes with it and probably a really good game to boot. If I was going to bet though I know who I would bet on, Go Cats.

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