I have a great job. But that doesn't mean I love everything about working here.

Let's start with programming. That's deciding how many songs get played and how often. It also deals with the scheduling of commercials. I've been in country radio for more than forty years and I think that I know something about how to make a radio station sound good.

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If it was up to me, we would play a bigger variety. But it's not up to me.

If it was up to me, I wouldn't sell ads to just anybody. Specifically, cannabis companies. If you smoke pot, good for you. I don't. And I wish it hadn't been legalized. But it has. But once again, it's not up to me.

Credit: Canva
Credit: Canva

Years ago when a country act was coming to town, our station would add a bunch of their songs back into the rotation. But that's not how it works anymore. For instance, Clint Black is playing Alberta Bair Theatre.

But the only time that you'll hear his songs is when Paul and I are on from 5-10 am, Old School. And after 10 am it's not up to me.

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And now I can't even complain to somebody higher up because we don't have anybody who deals with programming. Frustrating.

But I'll still be cashing the paychecks.

And I'm sure that it's like this for anybody who has worked in an industry for as long as we have. Things always change.

In fact, I was commenting this week that I don't even know the last name of half of my coworkers. And I have also worked here longer than half of them have been alive.

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Two more years.

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