The Breakfast Flakes asked via Facebook how their listeners felt about paying an additional gratuity charge when you go out to eat with eight or more people, and whether or not it is a law.  Some of you held pretty strong opinions.  We collected your responses,  and we'd love to hear your opinion if you haven't posted it yet!

  • Jerry Wipf - No it is not but it is common decency to tip GOOD...
  • Starla Johnson - if it states somewhere in the menu i think it is.
  • Ann Baars - No, not a law. Restaurant policy . Implemented because there are a lot of very demanding people who tip nothing to very little. After waitressing for many years, and taking very good of my customers, the tip policy was appreciated. And then there some people who are very generous and appreciative - usually people who too, have been there done that!
  • Jennifer Sanderson-Werner - There are some waitresses out there who don't deserve a tip! They think cause its automatically added they don't have to do their job and don't do crap! I have actually been with people who cross out the tip and only pay what they spent cause the service wasn't good. You also get those people who still expect the full tip when the total is lowered from an aarp discount or whatever other discount.
  • Mindy Kuntz - I feel like the tip needs to be earned. I have had some awesome wait staff and some horrible. I know if it added on my father in law will refuse to pay more even if they deserve it.
  • Kevin Morales - I remember when they tried that on my grampa Hansen he made them break us up into tables of four, he said he would tip them what they were worth...true story LOL
  • Laurie Riemann - TIPS stands for To Insure Proper Service. I tip very well (20%) unless my service stinks then anywhere from 0 - 10%. I've been a waitress/bartender before and have given great service over the years and there are some people that just don't tip or tip well. That is life but it should not be a mandatory percentage.

What are your thoughts on mandatory tipping?

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