Got the news today that Beartooth Pass will shut down for the season on Tuesday the 11th.

After I wrote about some old girlfriends last week, I heard from a couple of them. And they don't all actually hate me.

New York Yankee Aaron Judge broke Roger Maris' record for home runs in the American League when he hit #62. And Albert Pujols brought his career total to 703.

Supposedly fourteen million people have watched the trailer for the fifth season of Kevin Costner's Yellowstone. November 13th can't get here soon enough.

Paul and I got to take the tour of the Tumbleweed building. This group serves homeless teenagers in our area. If you can afford an extra case of mac and cheese or even some soup, these folks would sure appreciate it.

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We also met with a couple of members of the school board. And I'm glad we did. Among the many topics that were covered, one was better communication with parents. People get upset when their e-mails don't get answered.

I learned of the passing of a couple of good ones. Jim Hanson, who called our station a million times always requesting obscure country songs. Also lost my buddy, Dale Squires. He and I used to drive school buses in the same outfit in Missoula.

And Country music lost Loretta Lynn. And absolutely everybody loved her. I wish I could call my dad because I guarantee that at some point, he met her. She's one of the stars that I never got the opportunity to interview. And I thought it was very classy that she acknowledge Lonnie Bell for helping her at the start of her career.

Have a great Sunday. See you Monday at 5.

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