This week in Farmer Finishers...

Maybe next weekend you should find your happy place. I know where I'll be, hopefully sitting in my combine, in air-conditioned comfort, wondering how all of those people lined up trying to get out of the Air Show are doing.

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I hope everything goes smoothly but I don't understand how you can close down a state highway for it. Highway 3 will be closed from 3-6 pm both Saturday and Sunday from Main in the Heights to Zimmerman Trail.

How can you stop commerce like that?

Folks, do you know how many trucks are going to need that road over the weekend? Besides regular truck traffic, it will be the peak of harvest. There will be hundreds using that highway. The other end will be just as bad coming from the interstate and having to turn left and head to Great Falls.

People are voluntarily choosing to go to that recreational event. You should know that, just like a concert at Metra, it's going to take some time to get out. Compound that with all of the Fair traffic on Saturday and Sunday, and you have a real mess.

Make The Fair Free

Saturday and Sunday though would be a good day for a trial run of Free admission to the Fair. After the Air Show all day people will be spent and won't go to the Fair. So, try it! See what would happen, and I think you would be amazed.

Plus you don't have to close down Main in the heights to do it.

See ya back here Monday at 5

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