It seems that if there was one issue that both conservatives and liberals could agree on, it would be punishing those who commit heinous sex crimes against children.  The bill to end the statute of limitations on such crimes will get a public hearing next month.

When I first read the story of Doc Jensen and his decades of molesting young boys I was furious.  Not only did this guy commit these horrible crimes, but he actually reached out to some of his victims after he knew the window of criminal charges had passed.  Disgusting!

This new bill would not be retroactive, but it certainly might help us get people like "Doc" off the streets even if it takes victims time to come forward.  I hope that with the increased awareness of this type of crime, the statue won't be necessary.  I hope that every parent can have the kind of relationship with their child where the truth comes out instantly - and while that doesn't "fix things" and is still something no one should face, it would at least prevent repeated abuse and multiple victims.

I have always been very vocal with my child (without being graphic) about things that are "not okay." I haven't let her run around the house in her birthday suit since she was 2.  I figure if she knows that even her dad isn't supposed to see that, she knows that no one else is either. The adult women in her immediate family and medical professionals are the only authorized people. I'm not a violent person, or a "tough guy," but if someone preyed on her innocence, I would absolutely lose all sense of reason, and I know I'm not alone in feeling that way.

The ONLY reasonable objection to this bill is that the human memory isn't perfect, especially when years have passed. I agree with that point, but I'm willing to take that risk in this case.  There will still be a trial.  There will still need to be evidence and due process.  Maybe the case will be impossible to prove, but at the very least, these perverts don't get to ever feel like they've "beaten the clock" and can relax.

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