We live in a world of technology. People everywhere have smartphones, computers and tablets with social networks of every shape and size. Our children are getting more involved with these networks by the day. The scary thing is, predators are, too. Are your kids aware?

Watch my interview with Officer Earl Campbell of Billings Police Department:

Don't believe this is a serious issue facing our children? Watch this Social Experiment:

It's not just girls either. Check out the Boy Social Experiment:

This happens everywhere, even right here in Billings. No one is safe from these attacks, especially our children, unless we and they are educated and take precautions. Have you really taken the time to sit down with your children and explain the risks they take when they talk to someone on these sites that they do not know?

These predators hide behind the mask of a fake profile picture. They are so convincing  and creative with their words that it is difficult at times for adults to identify a problem.

Please talk to your children. Show them these videos. Be involved with them and of course, monitor everything they do.

Don't be the parents of a child who doesn't come home one day.


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