So, I literally landed back in Billings last Saturday evening and with that I start work back up here at Cat Country 102.9 on Monday. Rest is for the weak! lol!

Although it is great to be back and I am LOVING being on the radio with you again every afternoon, I have to point out one little problem I have had this week.

Computer issues...or the lack of a computer in itself. I have faked as much as I can with my personal laptop. It gets the show prep done and that is fine and dandy, but without my station computer I am lacking majorly on all the other stuff. Not to mention, the accounts that I have been able to get back into have been very hard to gain access to because it doesn't like the credentials.

Little by little things are getting figured out and we'll be back to full power very soon which means you need to get ready for more winnin' n' grinnin' in the very near future.

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