Do you have any collectibles at home and have you ever found out how much they are worth?

I think everyone has something at home that they would love to get an honest appraisal on but don't know where to go for it.

For instance, if you had any type of jewelry or watches, things like that, where do you go? Many of you have antique furniture or old household things; where do you go?

Coins, that's another one; where do you go and how do you know your coin is or isn't worth a fortune? They could tell you it's only worth the value of the silver or gold, pay you and then take it to auction because they know it's worth $5,000.

Baseball or sports cards are another, it's up to the person you're dealing with. They know the real value and you don't.

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So many places charge you to appraise and then you pay them a percentage. Well hell, then they will appraise it high so they get more money. Websites can't be trusted, they are always scamming people.

I think that's why so many people end up having so many of those things laying around the house because it would kill you to find out you dumped some coins and later saw they were worth a fortune.

I'm like the rest of you, we would all like to hit a home run on something but those stories are few and far between. So we'll all just keep our junk and let somebody else find out someday.

See ya tomorrow at 5 for day three of Flakesgiving prep.

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