After missing out last year on the Easter egg hunts, they are back and bigger than ever this year. Hunts will be all over town, South Park, Huntley, out at Scheels--it seems like everyone is having a hunt BUT there are some rules you need to know about.

At one, kids 4-12 have to be accompanied by an adult. How many people drop their 4-year-old at an Easter egg hunt and say, "Call when you're done!"? Or, does a 6-year-old just get the keys and hit all the hunts around town? At another hunt, it's open to all ages 0-12. Would someone please take a video of all the 11month old kids running around looking for their favorite colored eggs? I would love to see that. One hunt is requiring kids who have only been out of the womb for 24 months or 720 days to wear masks. That will be good. Anyway, have fun, the weather will be great.

By the way, how did they ever get the correlation between bunnies and eggs wrong.? Did these people fail biology? Chickens lay eggs not bunnies. I would imagine that they will most likely bring back the Easter egg hunt at the White House this year, too. That's one great thing about Joe Biden. He can hide his own Easter eggs and not have an advantage in the hunt. See ya tomorrow at 5.

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