There are a lot of people who get together over the holidays. One of the things that my Family is considering is a  gathering over gifts. in a way, it seems simpler just pick a spot you would like to go to over the holidays and make travel arrangements and it's done. A vacation of sorts instead in the winter vs the summer.

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One good thing is that people generally have all the same time off, so it works out well. Unfortunately, if you have people that are in the medical field they usually have to work at least part of the holiday. The holiday meal is something to miss, but some sun and relaxation for a week could make up for that. Another variable is if you have other family members that look forward to family over the holidays. It's tough to tell them you have other plans.

It's something that I have always wanted to do but not this year. Everyone has scheduling conflicts this year and so it may be a quiet Christmas. We were all able to get together for My daughter's wedding so I'm thankful for that. Plus, they did not have a destination wedding in Tahiti which made it great for everyone to make it. I don't like those because it eliminates so many people that want to celebrate the occasion too.

Shop around there are some good deals around right now and it's something everybody will love instead of fruit cake. Plus nothing to take back because it doesn't fit.

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