More than a dozen law enforcement vehicles were reportedly involved in a chase that began with a convenience store robbery in Billings Heights on Friday (4/22).

According to the post on social media from the Billings Police Department, officers were dispatched at 5:40 pm MDT on Friday evening to the Holiday Stationstore at 1020 Main Street in the Heights where a suspect apparently stole several items from the convenience store and then tried to "run employee over in the parking lot."

After driving away from the scene in the Heights, Billings Police began to pursue the suspect towards downtown Billings where deputies from the Yellowstone County Sheriff's Office and Montana Highway Patrol troopers joined the chase.

Credit: Google
Credit: Google

The tires on the suspect's vehicle were spiked by Montana Highway Patrol during the pursuit, and according to the post from Sgt. Reid on @BillingsPD via Twitter, the individual abandoned the vehicle before fleeing on foot.

Billings Police report the suspect was apprehended near the CVS on 13th and Grand Avenue.

Dozens of posts on social media described the "high-speed chase" they witnessed during the Friday evening commute in Billings, and many reported the suspect vehicle involved in the incident as a white pickup with a "bed full of random stuff."

"The white truck almost hit me and then about 20 cop cars came flying passed me right after," according to Breana Grimm via Facebook.

This is the second reported robbery in Yellowstone County in less than 24 hours.

On Thursday night (4/23), a man robbed the Bottles and Shots liquor store on Grand Avenue near Shiloh before being confronted outside the store and stating that he had a gun.

Billings Police did apprehend both the male suspect and the female driver of the getaway vehicle shortly after the west end robbery on Thursday night (4/21).

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