A friend of my wife's is thinking about moving to Billings in the early summer. She has been working to find a home to rent for the past few weeks and has run into something that is a little surprising to her and I to be honest.

She has been told that the Husky is not allowed on the properties that she has looked at.

To be clear, she has two dogs. She has a Siberian Husky and a Black Lab. She is a dog trainer. Her lab is a search and rescue dog that has actually saved lives. Her husky is the love bug pet of the family.

She was told by one person that the lab is fine but the husky is considered a viscous breed of a dog.

As far as I am concerned, any breed of dog can be viscous if it is trained that way. Just because it can look mean or is a larger dog doesn't mean it is an aggressive animal.

I personally have had two huskies in my life and they were two of most loving dogs I have ever had.

Meet my ol' buddy Scooby. I woke up to him laying by me one day when I was sick. He was checking on me to make sure I was ok. I sure miss this boy.

Hot Rod Thompson, Townsquare Media Billings
Hot Rod Thompson, Townsquare Media Billings

Do you think the husky is a viscous breed? Is this a norm for property management?

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