A couple of really good things happened this week.

First, we were able to meet with and tour the Tumbleweed facility for kids. It was a real eye-opener. It's a beautiful facility but because of fire suppression deficiencies, they have to kick the kids out at 5 pm. So sad what these kids have to endure. The results of the programs available make a better investment into it well worth it. Stay tuned as we will need your help with some new ventures.

The second big story had some serious meat to it. We learned of a very serious situation in school district 2 and called them out. If something wasn't done to rectify the situation we were going to blow the doors open on it.

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Two school officials reached out to us and we met on Thursday. They informed us that the situation was corrected as it should have been and admitted it should have never been able to happen in the first place. We were very adamant about accountability because someone knew about the situation and still allowed it. There was no way that someone didn't know.

New laws enacted back in 2019 make things like this difficult for school officials to know about but in the end, justice was served and now we need to send a message that this won't happen again, the community needs confidence in their school officials.

Lastly, we had three great phone call skits this week with me acting like I was president on my first day in office. They're really good and we could all use a little laugh these days. Check out the calls on Wednesday's podcast...

Have a great weekend and we'll see ya Monday at 5 a.m.

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