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This will be my last day of work this year. And I sort of wanted to find one picture of the 1,958 photos on my iPhone that adequately depicts how blessed I am.

But I'm pretty sure that nobody wants to see another one of my roughly 100 golfing pictures. Or any of the several dozen Coors Light photos. Some wedding shots. Holidays with the family, volleyball games, sunrises, sunsets, "just washed my car/pick up" pictures, crockpot recipes, and many more categories.

But I chose the picture of yesterday's lunch. It's the chicken and shrimp platter at The Rib & Chop House. That's it. No deep revelations or life lessons learned. I just couldn't do another big salad. And there could be more splurging ahead in my December.

  • I plan to spend quite a bit of time with family and friends while we're off. Might have to even have a "Game Night" at Wilson's place. We haven't had one of those in years. I'll have to look to see where I put all of my board games.
  • I want to thanks everybody who listens to our radio station, the folks who read this article each day, and all of the generous donors who donated their hard-earned money to help support causes that we got behind. Flakesgiving has never had a year where we have written so many checks to so many worthy causes. And we didn't know up until two weeks before the event that we would be able to still put Flakesgiving on. We made it into a drive-through event where meal recipients stayed inside their vehicles. It went pretty smoothly.

We are back on January 4, 2021. Please be prepared for "Rub It in Month."

Thanks for listening.

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