They finally got my blogging machine fixed, so I could do Friday Fragments.

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I met a guy this week who grows potatoes in East Africa.

Chamber Wants YOU To Make It Rain

I'm glad that we've seen such an uproar over the $143,000,000.00 levy that the parks department wants for swimming pools, ice arenas, trails, and so forth. First of all, it's just way too much to ask for property taxpayers to cover. Especially when a very small percentage of the people paying the bill would ever use the things that they're asking for. Second, does anybody else think that it's time we changed Montana's tax system so that the property tax-paying citizens quit getting saddled with the expenses that everybody should be helping pay?

I think we have found our official theme song for the group we classify as "North Of Town", But to clarify, that doesn't mean your geographical location. But rather, your lifestyle. Because if you know, you know.

Billings PD Has Been Zucked

BPD is now posting its weekly stats on Facebook. So now we know that recently Billings is averaging about 70 reported accidents in our town. I was surprised that the number was that low. Some of you who live here can't drive. You know who you are.

Last week during vacation, my weekly phone report told me that my cell phone use was down 41%.

And not that I was looking for one but, Amazon Prime is advertising an inflatable nightclub. It's 20 x 20 x 13. And it can be yours for $1,1390.00. Hmm.

(Editors note: We couldn't find the exact nightclub. But, here's one that is close.

Have a great weekend.

The Dash-Inn in Lewistown, Montana

The Dash-Inn in Lewistown, Montana

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