I voted for "Witness" (John Mushaben for the NBA2K All-Star Game every day this week.

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All my friends that went to see R.E.O Speedwagon said that the show was awesome. I also think it's funny when people go to "see" bands. I go to hear it unless it's Sheryl Crow.

Actor Paul Reubens (AKA Pee Wee Herman) passed this week after a battle with cancer.

Randy Meisner also passed. He was a founding member of the Eagles. He wrote and sang "Take It To The Limit", the group's first big song.

Great news, "Swifties"! It's not the end of an era after all. She announced more U.S. shows this week.

Tracy Lawrence got a tattoo of his "Mt Rushmore" of country music. It's Merle Haggard, George Jones, George Strait, and Keith Whitley.

Speedy & Flo's sweet corn has been back in town. And it's really good. But it's up to 8 bucks a dozen now.

We actually got one song request this week. Years ago, we got a lot more. In fact, back when we did the Golden Oldies Hour, it was all requests. But somebody in a suit didn't like it. So we quit doing it.

And during the air show next weekend be aware of traffic closures that could impact you even if you're not going to it. Michael Foth wrote a great article on it.

And speaking of other radio stations, Flakesgiving wrote a check to the Big J Show. We saw that they were raising money to buy books for kids at Broadwater Elementary. Sounded like a great cause. And I always like to ask other radio guys what they contributed to the community when they were on the air. You've got a platform to help people. You should take advantage of it.

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