We Have The Meats?

Paul always gives me crap about ordering items at restaurants that feature items of that restaurant. An example would be the chicken sandwich at Arby's. Yes, I am aware that you have the meats. But I prefer your chicken sandwich.

I've been told that there is a blood shortage in Yellowstone County right now.

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Taco Tuesday

"Taco Tuesday" went to court this week. Taco Johns and Taco Bell were fighting over the phrase. Taco Johns chose to "abandon" their copyright to it. But they had to go to court over something like that. And I'm a Taco Johns guy. My daughter is pro Taco Bell. There are heated discussions over who gets to pick where we're eating dinner.

Tony Bennett died Friday at age 96. And he still sounded good right up to the end.

Big Sky Balloon Rally

We had the balloons flying over town this week. I only know a few people who have flown in one. It's about the same number of friends that I have who aren't on Facebook. I'm jealous of one of those groups.

I'll Always Love You

Thanks for all of the messages about Sheryl Crow. She was quite harsh about Jason Aldean's song "Try That In A Small Town". She was wrong. But we're not breaking up over it. And with all of the uproar from the "Haters", Mr. Aldean's song shot straight to number one and probably made another million dollars for him.

And some Miranda Lambert fans got reprimanded by her for trying to take a selfie while Miranda was singing. I don't care how famous you are. Don't ever "shoosh" me.

Stay hydrated this weekend. We're back Monday morning at 5.

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