With only 5 days until the election, Senator Steve Daines, and Senator Ted Cruz stopped in for a discussion on Thursday (10/29) with the Breakfast Flakes on Cat Country 102.9.

Here's a transcription of the interview between Breakfast Flakes host Paul Mushaben, Senator Danies, and Senator Cruz. Please note: this transcript has not been edited for clarity. To listen to the full conversation, you can find a podcast of the interview below, in our podcast player, and at the bottom of the article.

Paul: Senator Ted Cruz and Senator Steve Daines in with us today. That's mark. I'm Paul. Okay, because we've never met you before Senator Cruz, I got a great question for you in a minute. You're gonna love it. And Senator Danes in town no doubt, you have, what do you have a vote thing coming up today, Senator?

Senator Daines: Yeah, we have to get out the vote rally in Billings, and then we're going to head to Hamilton with Senator Cruz. You know, there's 27,000 Yellowstone County voters that have not yet turned in their ballots. What's wrong with them? You know, just get them in, get them in early. And at this point, we got a hand-carry man, because if you put up in the mail, I don't think they may get there by Tuesday at 8pm. It's not about the postmark. It's about when they've actually received it. So we're asking Montana's to get out. Some Montana's like to vote on election day. And I respect that. This is a time to just let's turn the ballots in early. Let's get it done. Because I'm afraid we're going to have clogged lines on election day. There's a lot of intensity in this election. The bottom line is who gets the most votes wins. Montanans show up.

Paul:  And good conservative people, they like to get their ballots in early. Democrats like to get them in after the election...Yesterday, the Supreme Court had that ruling in in Wisconsin said no, no, no, you got to get them in on election day. That always works. Well. I got a couple quick questions for it. Because I know you're you're hurting for time here. You got another heartbreak you have to do. My question for you is it seems to me that in this particular campaign, and at least in our region for you, and what are the main things they're going after is the issue of health care. And I have been just irate about the lies, and things that you see on television in print about health care and where you stand. And you want to take people's right to health care away. And you know, think people that have pre existing conditions to be able to see a doctor, and it goes on and on and on about this. My question to you is this because I've noticed this in 2010, Obamacare was passed. We didn't have one, Senator, or we didn't have one representative that even voted for that bill. None. It was unanimous. Now, we're seeing a change in tone here. We're seeing a lot of people that that think that we need some kind of national health care plan for Americans. Why? Why the change in tone why the change in direction do you think among Republicans and conservatives?

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Daines: Well, let's go back to what happened when Obamacare passed. Over 20,000 Montana's lost their health care insurance. health care insurance premiums have doubled for Montanans there's also Obamacare. These lies coming from Chuck Schumer. And the liberal mob is the same scare tactics. They try to use an every election to scare voters away. The bottom line is in terms of protecting those pre-existing conditions. My sister, my sister passed away because of a pregnancy. She's a sweet girl, born or raised in Bozeman, grew up there at 43 years old, she she contracted a disease It was a pregnancy condition. If she had not had her health care insurance, it would have been financially devastated. And so we still have 10% of Montana's don't have health care right now. Why? Because they make too much money to get an Obamacare subsidy, but they can't afford health care insurance. That's got to be fixed.

Paul: Yeah. And and hopefully we can get it fixed with the right people when they're at the right time.

Daines: Well, it is remember there was Obamacare was not a bipartisan solution. You just articulated that very, very well. There was not a single Republican support. In fact, there's bipartisan opposition to Obamacare, we have to kind of go back and replay the tapes on that. And health care insurance premiums have doubled reinsurance for Montanans because of Obamacare. So but but the bottom line is, is on the present conditions, just the lies are out there. I will always protect those precessing conditions, they have to have access to health care insurance, and not pay a premium for it. That's the bottom line.

Paul: The president's made a point of that too, very, very clearly in his campaign, we will protect those people that have pre existing conditions. Senator Cruz, I have I have a question for you. First of all, I want to thank you for all the work you do with the Senate and the committee's, and you are a real patriot. And I want to thank you for that work. My question is a very serious one that I think that a lot of Americans are really feeling right now. There's a lot of nervousness around the country about what happens in this election. Should things not go the right way. The Democrats have made no bones about telling America what their plan is and what their vision is. The evisceration of the Constitution. More states boning its 16 abandon the Electoral College, packing the courts. I know myself and everybody else that listening who loved their country who loved capitalism would love our way of life. We are worried sick, that this is going to happen. My question to you because I know you're very astute when it comes to constitutional initiatives and rules and regulations. My question is, should things not pan out and should they happen to gain control of the Senate or happen to win the presidency? What is going to be our recourse as Americans to make sure that this cannot come into play? I mean, I am really worried about this and most Americans are.

Senator Cruz: Well, the fundamental recourse we have is elections. Under our Constitution, sovereignty resides with We the People, it is the American people that that control and have the ultimate decision making. That being said elections have real consequences. Right now, the hard left is ticked off. They hate the president. They're showing up in massive numbers. And you are right, that if they win, the people driving the agenda and the Democratic Party are the hard left. You know, there are Democrats who like to pretend that they're moderates, Joe Biden likes to pretend he's a moderate Steve Bullock likes to pretend he's a monster. Oh, yeah. That's not who's setting the agenda, the Democratic Party. This party is being driven by Bernie Sanders by Elizabeth Warren by AOC. And so here's what happens. If Montana goes Democrat, God forbid. And Chuck Schumer becomes Majority Leader, the first thing he does is he ends the filibuster. What does that mean? That means the Senate Minority can no longer stop anything that he is jamming through, they will then move forward on raising everybody's taxes, they will then move forward on the green new deal on banning fracking and destroying oil and gas on destroying mining on destroying agriculture, farming and ranching, they will move forward with socialism because that's what they're embracing. And packing the court listen packing the court is not an empty promise they intend to do it and Bullock by the way is explicitly said Oh, yeah, that he would have Montana senator vote for it. I'll tell you, john tester be dancing in the front of the parade, to pack the court. If they pack the court, if they put for left-wing activist on the Supreme Court. Here's what that means for you and me. The Supreme Court will rule to take away our free speech rights. The Supreme Court will rule two would take away our religious liberty, the Supreme Court will rule to take away our Second Amendment right to keep and bear arms. The Constitution and bill of rights are on the ballot. And I'll tell you Montana is the battleground. It is where you're fighting not just for your rights, but you're fighting for Texas, and the whole rest of the country to preserve our rights to.

Paul: We've talked about that we this election between senator Danes, and our governor right now is going to have a major impact on the future of America. This is one of the races that is very critical.

Daines: It's the race.  There's a reason why our mailboxes are full TV is saturated radio saturate digital race right now in Montana are four times higher than Arizona. We're number one of the nation because it's a supply and demand market. Why is so much money pouring into Montana? The answer is the future of our country. And how Montana's vote in this election. It runs right through our great state. It comes down to this and so you know, you think about the genius. Our founding fathers they gave Montana to US senators, they gave California to US senators. We have the same power here in Montana, as Dianne Feinstein and Kamala Harris. We've got to use it now to make sure we protect our way of life. If Steve Bullock is elected, I say senate Chuck Schumer is the majority leader to Simple as that.

Paul: Well, I hope that you and Senator Cruz and others pick it up and become real fighters. We need some fighters in Washington, DC. We need people who are as relentless on our side as they are, they are on their side. And we need to make it a point to the American people what is at stake. That's why I asked you this question because there is so much at stake for the future. And we all have kids, we all have children. We all want grandchildren. We all know what is at stake. the very fabric and foundation of our country is up for election this year.

Cruz: Look, that is exactly right. Free Enterprise small business jobs, opportunity, freedom. Our rights are all on the ballot. And you know, I will say something you know, Steve said a second ago that that Montana and California are equal in terms of representation in the Senate. With all due respect, that ain't true. That's not even remotely true. because let me tell you Montana punches above its weight, because Steve Daines, I can tell you first day at hand is doing a hell of a lot more for the country than either of the senators from California.

Paul: Feinstein? (Cruz laughs) Oh, yeah. Oh, Dr. Feinstein.

Cruz: Right now, all they do is scream and vote left. I can tell you so Steve and I work together very closely on the tax cut in 2017, the biggest tax cut in a generation. And what that did is that unlocked small businesses all across the country, it unlocked an economic boom, where we started this year with the lowest unemployment in 50 years. Now we can got hit with a pandemic that has really, it's hurt the country we're hurting. We've lost a lot of jobs. You want to know what this election is about? Does America come back? How do we come back from this economic disaster. And I'll tell you, Steve was rolling up his sleeves on the tax cut and fighting to lower the taxes for Montana, small businesses for for Montana farmers, for Montana ranchers. To make it easier to create jobs to hire people to drive up wages, we were seeing wages going up, and up and up. And if crazy town takes over the agenda, you're going to see wages going down and down and down. And Joe Biden, the whole rest of them are perfectly happy to shut down every small business in Montana for a long time. And that's the wrong answer.

Paul: Well, I don't know if you saw the news this morning. But the economy grew over 30% in the last quarter, it's a great sign. And and, and the one thing I like about both of you, as our states do, even though we're 2000 miles apart, we have a lot in common. And the very things that are going to affect Texas are going to affect Montana, agriculture, natural resources, all of that kind of private, small businesses, rural workers, all of those things are going to be affected by new liberal policies. If they're put in place, it's going to decimate our industries in Texas, and in Montana, as well. And we need those fighters. And we need the votes.

Daines: Let me bring it back home right now to Yellowstone County. Because we you know, I was in business for 28 years, you have meetings and you develop an action plan, and you hold folks accountable. So is this what we got to do next? Here's the bottom line. There's 27,000 Yellowstone county ballots, they're not yet turned in those ballots right. There may indeed decide this election. Remember, when Conrad Burns was beat in 2006 was 3600 votes. It works out to 30 votes per county persuaded that's what the burns race came down to. We don't want to wake up on November 4, and say, Doggone it, why didn't the mail that ballot in a sitting there on the kitchen table? Well, now don't mail it in, walk it in, turn the ballots in. We have a chance right now Montana, to stop liberal tyranny in Washington, DC. So I humbly ask for those who are listening here this morning for your vote, and make sure you turn the ballot in.

Paul: We finally have a chance to have a big say in the direction of America. And you folks, they're absolutely right. You got to get your vote in we may not have a second chance. We may not have a second chance. So the honorable Ted Cruz and Steve Daines, we appreciate your time. today. We're behind you, America's behind you. Good luck and go give them hell guys.

Cruz: Gentlemen, we're fighting for America. Thank you for standing up. Thank you for being a voice for freedom. And I'll say don't just bring in your ballot, pick up the phone and call somebody else. All you call your sister, call your neighbor, call your co worker and say, Hey, this election matters for my kids and my freedoms, you know, that ballot sitting on your kitchen table? Why don't you take it into that's how that's what it's going to take. Because remember, the crazy left the people you see rioting and burning in the streets, they're voting they voted are ready, and they hate the president. And and if we don't engage, we give up the state and we give up the country to two forces that take us in a very dangerous direction.

Paul: Plus all the looters. That's a super spreader event. And we know how they hate that.

Daines: Well, let me tell you, I am so proud to have Ted Cruz here in Montana today. I mean, listen, this guy's in demand. He's traveling the country. He's a patriot. He was in North Carolina yesterday. We've got a barnburner race going on there. He'll be in Arizona, Montana. He's going to be back in Texas, as well, helping his great state. But here's the bottom line. I'm proud. I'm here with Ted Cruz this morning. He's in Montana. I told the bullet campaign all pay for Kamala Harris's round trip plane ticket. And all meals, we'll put him on the Breakfast Flakes. Why is it the Kamala Harris? will not come to Montana, because that would expose who Steve Bullock is? So he goes and raises money with Kamala on the cover of dark. But he can't bring her here because that would flesh out who he's all about who he stands with.

Paul: What a great example for young girls of how to advance yourself in today's society. What a great lesson. Thanks, guys for coming in. We appreciate it.

Daines: Thank you.

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