I recently went to mow the lawn and as I was cleaning up miscellaneous stuff off the grass prepping for the big job, I noticed I had a resident living under my tree in my front yard.  There is a duck (Bailey and I named her Miss. Harley) nesting or is it brooding under the tree.

From what I could see, she has maybe 6 eggs.

I truly don't know how long she has been there and when the eggs will hatch, but we are certainly excited to see the babies.

Bailey is super worried that they will get hurt crossing the street (we are on 24th Street West) I assured her that if need be, we will stop traffic and make sure that Miss. Harley and her brood make it safely across the street.

It never ceases to amaze me that wildlife can exist so close to such a highly traveled street.

Some people would be annoyed about Miss Harley being in their front yard, I however love it.

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