So this morning as I walked into the hotel in Billings, there was a flight attendant waiting to catch the shuttle. I couldn't help but notice the uniform that they are required to wear.

It was the most God-awful purple I have ever seen. Why would an airline like Delta pick such a horrible color? Pick a bright red or light blue or something that is inviting or welcoming but that shade of purple is terrible.

It makes you wonder about uniforms altogether, not many of them are flattering. The dress blues that hospital workers wear are better looking than that. I remember in High School the uniforms that the girls had to wear were ugly but I think they did that on purpose so the boys wouldn't be interested.

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The Billings police uniforms are good but the sheriff's uniforms are ugly. Fast food workers' uniforms are gross too. You would think that a place of business would like something eye-catching or classier to appeal to customers. Some of these things penalize the people who wear them.

Can you think of any place around that actually has a nice-looking uniform? Why do some places have them and some don't? Maybe it's for security or makes it easier to find help but not a lot of thought goes into it. It would make it easier to get ready for work every day that's for sure...

See ya tomorrow at 5 a.m.

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