If school choice was an option for you here in Billings where would you send your kids?

From January 22nd to January 28th it's National School Choice Week, raising awareness about school choices and the options that parents have. According to National School Choice Week, 53.7 percent of families have thought about changing schools but many are not aware of the options.

There are 58 "celebrations of educational opportunity" in Montana, says National School Choice Week. It's known that money is one of the huge factors in making it difficult for families to choose. Schools with underachieving academic performance would not survive without mandatory districts.

So what is really important here? Getting your child the best education you can and finding the best-fitted environment for him or her? Or making sure that everyone who has chosen this field stays employed by creating demand at all schools?

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Remember all schools have an overabundance of administrators who all are paid handsomely compared to the teachers, the real boots on the ground.

We have talked to many that would love to get their kids out of one and get them into another. Unless you choose a private or charter school it's very difficult. I don't know honestly if this is something that the current legislature will address, but I'm sure it would have support.

The point is, if you have hundreds of people trying to get into a particular school and leave the others, maybe we should take a serious look at what that desired school is doing right.

See ya tomorrow at 5 a.m.

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