Dear Mr. Groundhog,

Every year on Groundhog's Day I get that most hopeful of feelings that things will work out and we can immediately go into spring.

Just once I want this to work out for the positive but I doubt it ever will.

Just this past weekend the family and I were driving on Governor's from Wicks in the Heights. I looked in the open field across from the middle school and noticed at least 10-15 groundhogs standing upright on rocks. You know there is at least one that saw its shadow which is going to screw us over for more winter. Why is this, Mr. Groundhog?

Why, oh ,why must this be? It's proven. Have mercy. I need sunshine and warmer temps again. They say you did not see your shadow this year, can you help us out and turn things warm again or am I just having faith in a rodent?

Please, Mr. Groundhog, I beg of you. Just one of these years, do what the myth says and move things into spring. I know you're a nice groundhog and are thinking of good things for all of man kind. Please just once be nice for my friends and I.


One Warm Blooded American

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