• Did we just go an entire week without being offended by a cartoon or kids' toy? I think we did.
  • People who had not bothered to get vaccinated previously, finally did this week because they got paid fifty bucks. If I had already been vaccinated, I'd be making some calls asking where my fifty is at.
  • Our most popular "JJ's" from Thursday were Jeremiah Johnson, Jesse James, and Jerry Jones. While nobody thought to call in the Johnson & Johnson vaccine.
  • The month of May in Montana. We golf and shovel snow in the same week sometimes.
  • I am very fortunate to be given the opportunity to learn an entirely new computer system. Thanks, Zetta. You're the best.
  • Congratulations to both the girls and boys golf teams from Columbus. Both are Class B champs, and they got welcomed home with every emergency vehicle in the county. Those kids will always remember that. If you grow up in a town with as nice of a golf course as Columbus has, you should be good at golf.
  • One of my favorite apps that I've got on my phone is from the Montana Department of Transportation. It not only helps you find the icy roads in the winter, it also lets you know where the road construction is. Along with letting you know about other incidents that might have a road shut down that you were planning on using.
  • And finally, Toby Keith's "Country Comes To Town" tour hits Billings Saturday. My spider senses tell me that this is gonna be a gigantic party. And the beginning of full capacity concerts.

Stay warm this weekend. See you Monday at 5.

CONGRATS: Graduates, Class of 2021 From Montana Schools

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