Not sure why, but it seems to be disco week on the show. And this morning the Farmer asked for a song before first news. Sometimes I think he likes to put out the challenge to see how fast I can react. Well it just so happens, this morning I found his song - “Fly Robin Fly”. What I did not know was that the Farmer had a story to go along with the song. If you missed the story, here’s how it went.

It was the late 70s and Paul was headed off to college. In fact, I believe it was the first week of school and Paul and a few of his buddies were checking out downtown Columbus, Ohio.

As Paul told it, he and ten of his buddies climbed into a 74 Chrysler hard top and cruised to “downtown Columbus to see the city”. As they walked down 10th Avenue they found themselves in front of the strip club. Being curious 18 year olds, in they went.

Paul says it was his one and only time in a strip club. The woman on stage was dancing to “Fly Robin Fly” and as the Farmer puts it, “was a huge disappointment”. Not sure what that means, but Paul did say that none of the women looked like Farr.

Who knew the Farmer once went to a strip club? Even after 26 years, we still have stories that surprise each other.

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