I think most people have been there...being in a position where you are positive that you could do your bosses job better than they do. I guess there is nothing wrong with that as long as you can back up your words, right?

According to SWNS DigitHub, about 20% of people don't think their boss is good at their job and 1 in 4 people look forward to their boss's vacation more than their own, just so they're not in the office!

Top 10 complaints people have about their boss...

  1. They don’t communicate well
  2. They're inconsistent
  3. They set their own rules
  4. They don't understand what their employees do
  5. They're incompetent
  6. They're patronizing
  7. They set a bad example
  8. They never say thank you
  9. They say one thing, then do another
  10. Mood swings

So do you think you could do your boss's job better than they do? What interesting nicknames have you come up with for any of your bosses? Call me! 406-248-5665

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